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I’m not able to make a duplicate as each piece is an original for its owner, but will be happy to create something similar for you. Please let me know if there are one or two paintings where you like the style of the piece. Also, include any particular colors you would like to see in the painting… grays, beige or maybe turquoise!


30x40, 36x36, 36x48, 48x48, 48x60, 48x72

Prices range from $900 to $4,000 depending on the size and style of the painting. 


After confirming size and style, your order is put on the official project list. As the painting starts to take shape, I’ll send pictures to make sure we’re still on the same page. Depending on the size and wait-list, paintings usually take between four to eight weeks.  Please keep in mind shipping charges when estimating a budget for your painting.


I request a 50% deposit to begin the commission with the final amount due prior to shipment or pick up. Four changes are included in the price of the commission. A fee will be charged for additional changes.